Have you ever gotten an important phone call while you were driving that you couldn't legally answer? Assuming you have a Bluetooth connection in your car, your next thought was very likey "oh, no! I forgot to turn on Bluetooth!"

Well, Bluetooth Power is here to make sure you never have to think about turning Bluetooth on or off ever again. Once you've installed the program (and opened it at least once, per Android 4.x and higher requirements), Bluetooth Power will turn Bluetooth ON automatically once you've plugged your phone in, and turn it OFF automatically once you've unplugged your phone. Think of it as your own personal Bluetooth Butler.

Simple? Yes. But sometimes, simple things are the best. Bluetooth Power does not take up any memory on your phone, nor does it consume any battery except for the instant in which you plug or unplug your phone – in fact, Bluetooth Power helps you save battery power by ensuring that Bluetooth isn't on when it's not needed.

Download Bluetooth Power from the Google Play Store: